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ENVIRONMENT: Inland energy efforts get legislative boost
(The Press Enterprise, 10/7/15)

SMOG: Tougher air rules could further hurt Inland region
(The Press Enterprise, 9/30/15)

25 More California Jurisdictions Launch Water- and Energy-Efficiency HERO Program for Local Homeowners
(, 9/22/15)

Lake Elsinore and Storm Baseball unveil first EV stations, urge drivers to charge it up
(, 9/20/15)

GOVERNMENT: Morongo tribe gets vote on transportation, environmental panel
(The Press Enterprise, 9/14/15)

Energy efficient program to save 1 billion-plus gallons of water in California
(, 9/12/15)

LAKE ELSINORE: Electric car drivers can get a free charge
(The Press Enterprise, 9/12/15)

People living near 60 Freeway in Ontario breathe the worst air in the Southland
(, 9/9/15)

REAL ESTATE: FHA to issue guidelines on HERO-type, PACE energy loans
(The Press Enterprise, 8/27/15)

FACT SHEET: President Obama Announces New Actions to Bring Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency to Households across the Country
(, 8/24/15)

Maybe the drought is the new normal
(, 8/21/15)

RECYCLING: New facility will turn food scraps into natural gas
(The Press Enterprise, 8/17/15)

HERO PACE’s Consumer Protection Program
(, 8/10/15)

DROUGHT: New website helps catch water wasters
(The Press Enterprise, 8/7/15)

HERO Program Expands Free Consumer Protection
(, 8/4/15)

CLIMATE CHANGE: California leads nation in greenhouse-gas policy
(The Press Enterprise, 8/3/15)


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