Western Riverside County's residents, businesses, organizations, and public agencies want to ensure expected growth produces a successful, sustainable, and resilient subregion that current and future generations will continue to enjoy. WRCOG works to address these issues through its various planning initiatives.


WRCOG completed a Sustainability Framework in December 2012 to provide a starting point for dialogue about sustainability and its importance to the region and outline a vision and goals for quality of life in Western Riverside County.  WRCOG completed a Subregional Climate Action Plan (CAP), entitled "CAPtivate Western Riverside County" in June 2014 that recommends strategies to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. CAPtivate also includes a study on Climate Adaptation and Resiliency, and a Model Book to assist with implementation of recommended CAP measures.

Water Quality

WRCOG completed a study in 2016 to analyze the opportunities and constraints that new development and redevelopment projects confront in meeting recently enacted requirements for on-site control and dispersal of stormwater runoff. WRCOG evaluated the feasibility of developing a regional water quality mitigation program to meet MS4 National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System permit provisions for alternative compliance.