The COGcast is weekly podcast series from WRCOG featuring a variety of topics and issues relevant to the western Riverside subregion in 20-minute episodes.  Every episode provides an opportunity for listeners to learn about agencies, programs, and/or issues impacting quality of life in this fast-growing subregion.  

The COGCast is available to listen on Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts, Spotify, PodBean, and SoundCloud.

To suggest a future COGCast episode topic, please contact Rachel Singer at rsinger@wrcog.us.

Episode 1:  What is WRCOG? Rick Bishop, Executive Director at the Western Riverside Council of Governments (WRCOG), addresses many of the frequently asked questions of what a council of government is, how it fits into the regional government landscape, and why it even exists.  Offering expertise and insight of 18 years, listeners learn how WRCOG is preparing and investing in the future of Western Riverside County.  Click here to listen.

Episode 2:  The One About TUMF.  Traffic congestion is usually cited as one of the most important issues affecting the daily quality life for our residents and businesses in inland southern California.  As Western Riverside continues to be among the fastest growing regions in the nation, how will more growth affect traffic, and what can be done about it?  In this episode of the COGCast, we explore one of WRCOG's most influential and successful programs, the Transportation Uniform Mitigation Fee (TUMF), with the WRCOG Director of Transportation & Planning, Chris Gray.  Click here to listen!

Episode 3:  The One About Streetlights.  There are tens of thousands of streetlights in our communities that we truly only notice when the light is out or when a pole is knocked over by a vehicle. We take them for granted, expect them to work, and don’t think much otherwise about them.  But who owns the streetlights?  What are the maintenance costs?  How much energy do they consume?  Could streetlights be an opportunity for economic development?  In this episode of the COGCast, we explore WRCOG's innovative Regional Streetlights Program, which is projected to save more than $60 million over a 20-year period.  Our featured guest on this episode of the COGCast is the architect of the Program, Tyler Masters, Program Manager at WRCOG. Click here to listen!

Episode 4: The One About Western Community Energy.  WRCOG has been working with local governments to develop a new program, Western Community Energy, which will provide residents and businesses a choice in the energy supply it receives, enable local control over rate setting, and offer rates competitive to Southern California Edison.  These programs, commonly called “Community Choice Aggregation” – or CCA’s – are growing in popularity throughout California. In this episode of the COGCast, we will explore CCA’s in more detail and are pleased to welcome Barbara Spoonhour, Deputy Executive Director of Operations for WRCOG, to the COGcast. Click here to listen!