The COGCast is a bi-weekly podcast series featuring a variety of topics and issues relevant to the western Riverside subregion in 20-minute episodes.  Every episode provides an opportunity for listeners to learn about agencies, programs, and/or issues impacting quality of life in this fast-growing subregion.  Catch all episodes here!

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To suggest a future COGCast episode topic, please contact Rachel Singer at rsinger@wrcog.us.

Recent Releases 

Episode 21: The One About Solar for Underserved Communities. California is commonly regarded as one of the pioneering states for energy efficiency measures across the nation. Yet, while alternative and natural energy sources grow in popularity, cost remains a major barrier for many. Working to address this issue, GRID Alternatives is the nation’s largest, community-based, nonprofit solar installer that makes renewable energy technology and job training accessible to underserved communities. GRID's impact has been significant, saving homeowners over $56 million in lifetime electricity costs. Additionally, over 2,700 people have received free hands-on job training to pursue careers in the solar industry. On this episode of the COGCast, Lisa Castilone, Community Development and Tribal Manager, and Kari H’Orvath, Outreach Manager at GRID Alternatives, share how GRID is changing the lives of many across Western Riverside County and beyond. Click here to listen. 

Episode 20: The One About An Innovation Economy. As it continues to be one of the fastest-growing areas in the country, the Inland Empire faces a variety of challenges common to urbanizing regions. These include including traffic, pollution, adequate and affordable housing, and economic development. Although the region has seen a surge in employment, a recent study conducted by the University of Redlands indicates that the Inland Empire is particularly vulnerable to the automation of a large number of existing jobs. The study concludes that our region is the 4th most vulnerable metro in the nation to automation, with nearly 63% of all current jobs susceptible to automation over the next 20 years. How should we respond to this news? Can we get ahead of the trends? Are there strategies to approach these challenges? On this episode of the COGCast, entrepreneur Fred Walti, President and CEO at The Network for Global Innovation, shares his insight on how the Inland Empire can best position itself for the future. Click here to listen.

Episode 19: The One About Connecting the County's Transportation Network. The Riverside County Transportation Commission, also known as RCTC, is the hub for transportation solutions that connect Riverside County as a whole. RCTC is governed by local elected officials representing all of the jurisdictions in Riverside County, and is staffed by a team of public servants that work to connect the County’s vast region by enhancing roads, bridges, sidewalks, express lanes, and more. On this episode of the COGCast, Supervisor Chuck Washington, Chairman of RCTC and Anne Mayer, RCTC's Executive Director, share their insight on how the Agency is responding to the County's growth and transportation needs. Click here to listen.