Western Riverside Council of Governments 

4080 Lemon Street
3rd Floor, MS1032
Riverside, CA 92501



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Name Title Email Phone
Andrea Howard Senior Analyst 951-955-8515
Andrew Ruiz Program Manager 951-955-8587
Anthony Segura Staff Analyst 951-955-8389
Amber Bolden Public Service Fellow 951-955-8311
Barbara Spoonhour Director of CCA Development 951-955-8313
Brian Shomo RCHCA Natural Resources Manager 951-955-4325
Casey Dailey Director of Energy and Environmental Programs 951-955-7282
Cherish Latchman Staff Analyst 951-955-8343
Christopher Gray Director of Transportation 951-955-8304
Christopher Tzeng Program Manager 951-955-8379
Crystal Adams Program Manager 951-955-8321
Cynthia Mejia Staff Analyst 951-955-8311
Daniel Ramirez-Cornejo Senior Analyst 951-955-8307
Dolores Badillo Senior Analyst 951-955-8306
Ernie Reyna Chief Financial Officer 951-955-8432
Francisco Gonzalez RCHCA Open Space Habitat Technician 951-955-2735
Harry Sandoval RCHCA 951-206-3260
Hugo Rios Call Center Representative 951-955-6990
Ichelle Acosta Staff Technician 951-955-8724
Jairo Sandoval Staff Analyst 951-955-7277
Janis Leonard Administrative Services Manager 951-955-8320
Jennifer Ward Director of Government Relations 951-955-0186
Jesus Gonzalez Staff Analyst 951-955-8305
Jonathan Pineda Staff Technician 951-955-1432
Kyle Rodriguez Staff Analyst 951-955-8328
LaNeice Potter Call Center Representative 951-955-6990
Lupe Lotman Staff Analyst 951-955-8933
Meredith Sumenek Call Center Representative 951-955-6990
Mike Wasgatt Program Manager 951-955-8301
Princess Hester RCHCA Administrative Services Officer 951-955-2735
Randy Solis RCHCA 909-238-0646
Rick Bishop Executive Director 951-955-8303
Samantha Amphonphong Senior Analyst 951-955-8302
Suzy Nelson Administrative Assistant 951-955-8308
Tyler Masters Program Manager 951-955-8378
Victoria Gracia Call Center Representative 951-955-6990