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Our subregion’s vision for a more sustainable future is dependent on the health of our residents. WRCOG is committed to supporting regional efforts to increase access to healthcare and to improve our air quality and the built environment.  Through its efforts WRCOG strives to help jurisdictions create communities that foster healthier lifestyles.

WRCOG Health Initiatives

Healthy Communities Element (HCE) Template: A tool created in partnership with the County of Riverside Department of Public Health to provide policy guidance for jurisdictions by connecting key elements of health, economics, social welfare, and the environment.

Health Indicators Memorandum: A document prepared in collaboration with the Health Subcommittee that describes priority health concerns in Western Riverside County.  The Memo provides baseline information to local jurisdictions to assess the health co-benefits of strategies to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.  

Healthy Communities Briefs: WRCOG launched a series of briefs to advance knowledge of health issues in Western Riverside County and to serve as an informational tool to explore current health topics, strategies for change, and examples of success.

Ways to Get Involved

The Riverside County Health Coalition (RCHC) was formed to help unify public and private sectors on ways to promote healthy environments that support healthy behaviors.  RCHC members collaborate on ways to advance environmental and policy changes and to further empower communities.

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